Scary Tweets

‘Ah!’ he screamed springing up sweating. The moon was in full splendour riding a black cloud.
          ‘Shhh,’ she reassured him. ‘It’s just a bad dream,’ she whispered. ‘Kiss me.’
          He closed his eyes tilting his head, but was immediately kicked back by the putrid smell of death.
          He opened his eyes to a set of rotten fangs inches from his face. The skeleton’s red eyes were piercing his very being.
          ‘Kiss me!’ ordered the chilly voice echoing eerily.
He fought but could not escape the grip of death. The razor fangs ripped his lips as he was pushed into the bed, retching crimson froth. Her decomposing skin squelching on his face held down by a bony hand with long decaying nails.
          His blood sprayed the pillows as she pulled up, with a bit of his tongue stuck in her fangs.

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