Do you build a character or do live the character?
It is probably a bit of both really. Most of our characters will be based on personal experiences. People we know, our own personalities, the way we view the world - the way we would like the world to be.
Through our pen, we can create ideal people, who save us from the monsters - who always catch the criminals. Their flaws and imperfections can be fitting to their personality and become a trait.
The character will not survive without attention and care.
They need careful nurturing to grow and develop.
Like a flower needs the sun and water to grow and impress with its colours, so does our character.
We need to be close to them, think about them and write about them and their adventures.
How would they react in a given situation?
What language would they use?
The important thing is to never grow apart. Do not spend to much time away from them.
Keep writing to feed them and become good friends.

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