Scary Tweets

‘Not there. It’s deserted,’ said mum thinking of her cosy sofa.
Too late. Little Keira, dressed as a witch, was already knocking on the wooden door.
          It creaked opened. An old man leant down smiling at the little girl looking agape.
          ‘Trick or treat!’ she muttered leaning backwards.
          ‘Wait,’ he smiled as he walked away. He came back and gave her an orange.
          ‘Come on darling, there’s no-one in there,’ mum persisted waving her over.
          ‘Mum, mum - look what the man gave me,’ Keira exclaimed.
          ‘Which man?’ mum asked in a panic.
          ‘Sorry ma’am – there’s no-one in there. The dog searched the whole house,’ said the policewoman. ‘Maybe little Keira found the orange by the door,’ said softly the policewoman at the girl.
          ‘Aha!’ said mum absentminded as an old man was waving at her from the top window.  

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