The Importance of Preparation

Writing is not something that just happens. It requires thinking and footwork before the brain can start making squiggles on paper that want to be read.
            Once the initial idea is in place then the unlimited mind must be allowed to play freely with words, without criticism from the logical part of the brain. A deluge of ideas must flow unrestricted without a dam to stop its path. The mind will then be freed to open up and produce without fear of ridicule.
            Once the ideas are on paper, let them stay there; walk away for a while. You can only rework them with a fresh mind – a ‘different eye’.
            The important thing to remember is to write for your audience, but create from yourself.
            I am now working towards my first Open University assignment. Having returned to university studies for the second time, I decided not to use any credits nor approach my studies with an ‘I know it’ attitude. Instead I started from the bottom. Read the study guides offered by the Open University and bought one to help me guide my learning.
            I found that this approach has also developed my reading skills. I am becoming a critical reader, who looks to isolate information and begins to understand how to break down sentences and extract nuances.
            I am also further developing my writing skills. Adapting to the task in hand and changing my approach to each task.
            Most importantly, my thinking is growing and expanding to accommodate new ideas; see different points of view, nay demand them.

  1.                   Free your mind – your writing is a private affair.
  2.                Write as a reader – would you spend time and money on your writing?
  3.                 Respond to the task – who am I writing for?
  4.         Turn you reading 180° degrees –be creative in your reading

Once you start empathising with the reader, you will write for the reader.

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