Love Learning

Life is all about learning and developing. A path of new experiences that shape us and create who we are. Making the most of those experiences is our responsibility. Learning from our experiences is our choice. And opportunities to learn there are plenty.

            I have embarked on a new learning experience with the Open University. The world of English Language and Literature awaits me. Having received my books, I decided to delve in and start familiarising myself with them. I could not put them down. I never thought that I would find Arts that challenging. They challenged me. My thought process, my values. This is what learning is about. Stretching and expanding our understanding of the world; doing away with our rigid views - replacing them with a more protean outlook.

            My fear was feeling like a distant learner. Distant from support, from my tutors, from the scene of academia. The Open University staff though, have walked with me along the way, guiding my first tentative steps back to university. Forums where questions receive proper answers; phone calls from career advisers, contact from support tutors. I am receiving more guidance now than at school.

Life is a choice and we are never too old, too busy, too tired to learn...unless we choose to be.

Learning, whether a craft, a trade or academic – learning whether for fun, or work raises our spirit and makes us a better person.

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