Scary Tweets

The thunder blew the house fuse making her jump as the constant lighting made the tree shadows grow grimly around her.
          She fumbled in the dark empty house towards the fuse box.
          Another bombastic thunder followed the lighting which cast a second shadow next to hers on the white rug.
          Her breath was taken away as she was gripped from behind, jaw pulled back exposing her neck. She felt the cold steel slicing open her throat, but was frozen – unable to defend herself.
          Falling on the floor as if in a drunken stupor, she saw him staring with white eyeballs. No pupils. His wiry white hair covered in her blood.
          He reached down and carved her open, from sternum to her lower abdomen, spitting hot blood in her sliced skin. His bloodcurdling chant deadly foreboding: ‘Welcome to my everlasting world!’ 

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