Words are Alive.

Today, it was a day of writing...
            A wonderful day for and of creation, where the mind has been left free to wonder round the paper. Unleashed and liberated of all inhibitions it produced - without fear of the editor.
            Somewhere deep inside were words that had to come out into the open and breathe a life of their own, discover their own freedom to express themselves.
            As they unfolded images of the mind, as they described the twists and turns of life, they reminded me how powerful and cathartic the pen (keyboard) can be.
            Uninhibited and free from the fear of correction, they yelled messages of hope, pieces of advice, inner fears yearning to be heard, life’s anecdotes. Like children, who can imagine a castle out of a box, or a Ferrari out of a skateboard, they build a kingdom out of scrawls on paper.
They taught me to respect the power of creation, instead of trying to harness it and control it.
            We fear not that we can fail – We fear that we can achieve. We fear that our powers are beyond what we are allowed to be.
            Words allow us to expand ourselves. We empty our souls and give our imagination the space to expand beyond measure.
Words are Alive and bring our innermost to life.

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