Something Achieved is Better than Nothing Tried.

Having been athletic all my life, I never thought I would need a walking stick. Now thanks to fibromyalgia/ME I am fighting a disability.

FM/ME may have crippled my body but it will not win my mind.
My mind is strong and versatile. The thing that really helps me, is the Open University. It has given a personal goal and a retreat. From a medical point of view, it keeps my mind occupied and thus depression at bay. Reduces the chances of a stroke by giving the grey matter a work out. I do a bit a day - whatever my personal bit might be.

I find that the best tool for fighting FM/ME/CFS is acceptance. I accept I need a walking stick, I accept I need to rest more that everyone else, I accept that my immune system is weaker; thus I have FM/ME under my own terms. My body is weak. but my brain is getting stronger. So attitude makes all the difference.

It can be all too easy to dish out advice such as Stay Positive, Look o the Bright side of life…

I think it is more important to try to empathise with the other person. How do they feel and why? Like everything in life, there are shades of positive. Use the right brush and build upon the canvas with the correct hue and a picture will be painted.

Impose your own beliefs of how ir should be and a canvas is ruined.

Something Achieved is Better than Nothing Tried is personal to the sufferer.
A 100m walk may equal a marathon - but it is still an achievement.
Reading for 30 minutes may equal a 4 hour study session - but it is still an achievement.

Therefore support and empathise; because:

Something Achieved is Better than Nothing Tried.

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