Happiness Flow Chart

Why Worry Flow Chart and how to be happy
(Image - Curiosities by Dickens)

This, in a very simplified way, tells us to concentrate on resolutions rather than anxiety.

Every problem is an opportunity to create solutions.

By concentrating on how to resolve the daily issues that life throws at us, we become positive in our thinking and actions. 

In contrast, if we allow anxiety to take over negative feelings will affect our creativity and our ability to problem-solve.

Even life changing events can lead to a positive transformation if they are dealt with in the right approach.

The plus side to this is that once we have proven to ourselves that we can solve one problem, we know that the next one will also have a solution.

The choice we have is to look beyond the problem to a positive outcome or to drown in the problem and become our own victims.

What de-stress methods do you use?

Do they work?

Worry flow chart Curiosities by Dickens [on line]: http://www.curiositiesbydickens.com/tag/worry/ [accessed 21 Aug 2013

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