Snowflake, dressed in white, was pirouetting in the cold sky. Snowflake was going to live forever.

A silent dance in the peaceful dark night. The light was shining on her gossamer outfit. It had been made just for; just for tonight. The Waltz would play on; the dance would continue. It was her night tonight. It was her song. 

Conn Bardi Short Story FictionAll the humans were hiding inside their houses. All the animals had taken shelter.
In the darkness of the night, Snowflake was tiptoeing across the floor, as she moved in the arms of the wind. She held the end of her dress with her right hand. Lifting the end of it, and guiding back and fro as she elegantly glided in time with the Waltz. She hummed and paused; she hummed and paused. She did not look at the ground, which was fast approaching. The music and the dance was all she cared about. She was dizzy, happy, drunk with music and dance.
Snowflake was going to live forever; live forever in her dance; live forever in her music. 
Suddenly, the ground hit her hard; she cringed and yelped as her white dress was crushed forever.Snowflake lay there; quiet, dizzy.The Waltz played. It was her night tonight. It was her song. 

Snowflake thought she was going to live forever…

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