She sat by the sea on the warm sand. The fine white gravellish carpet felt soft against her skin. It was more than relaxing. It was mesmerising. The sun was caressing her shoulders, gently massaging her with its warm rays. She gazed at the wet azure stroking her all the way up to her thighs. With her hands she scooped up the grainy sand and tossed it over her legs; feeling a warm sensation as it scattered over her skin. With a lethargic heave she pushed herself further into the water. How wonderfully soothing this was.

The tender strokes of the waves swelled all the way up to her belly, then ebbed back to her feet; gently moving up and down all over her body. She leant back on her elbows; tilting her head back she closed her eyes, letting the sun kiss her neck. The waves paced up and down her, touching every inch of her lower body. She grabbed at the sand, a little tighter than normal; she dug her left heel into the sea-bed. Her right leg was bent at the knee. Where these goose-bumps dancing on her arms as her muscles flexed? The sea felt warmer, faster; the waves were now reaching her deeper.

Tilting her head back further, she allowed the sun to hug her closer; kissing her below the neck-line; breathing warm rays on her bosom, as he was holding her tight. Her head fell back. And just how much more dizzy could she have felt? It was intoxicating to feel the blood rushing to her head. The strokes of the waves were getting faster, stronger; deeper.

Her breath was sounding deeper. Trying to silence it was all she could do. How much faster could her heart-beat get? The sun rays were licking her body. She could not bear her muscles twitching for much longer. The sea was definitely moved faster. Or was she? And suddenly…

She felt relaxed; lying on her back on the warm white sand with her arms outstretched. The tranquil sea looked soft. Was the sun smiling at her? 

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