BA (Hons) to Masters in English

After five years of study, tantrums, and tears, I was awarded my Honours degree in English Language and Literature, and I am now entitled to letters after my name.
Conn Bardi BA(Hons) ELL (Open). 
It has not been and easy period, with full-time shift work, having to manage personal events, and life's ups and downs.
Some of the things I learnt along the way are that some tutors are more supportive than others, and that the more work you do by yourself the easier it is somehow. The latter is probably a good lesson, and a firm stepping stone onto my postgraduate research for a Masters in English, which I have decided to commence in October. I matriculated with The Open University, because I know how the institution operates, where the libraries are, and what support I can receive. Better the devil you know I guess. 
It is exciting and scary at the same time, and not something I was planning to do after five years of studying for an undergraduate degree. 
Indeed, my last BA module was not the most enjoyable one, yet, on reflection, it taught me a lot more than just modular studies. The distant, in more than just geographical terms, relationship with my tutor equipped me with the mental tenacity for the more lonely existence as a post-graduate student. Whilst my MA subject of research may not be directly related to my profession, the self-initiated, and independent research required bears a veracious reflection of my working life. 
BA (Hons) to Masters - Open UniversityAt this point I would exalt the premise that the study of English is an all encompassing subject that relates to most career required skills. It helps develop a strength of argument based on facts, analytical skills of text (oral and written), and the creative ability to communicate effectively on many levels; the latter two being closely related, because to add positively to any exchange one must have listened and analysed what has been said (or read what has been writen with the same required skill). 

As a final thought, I recall the trepidation I felt back in 2012, when I set off on my journey to my second degree (Hons this time), yet here I am moving onto yet higher educational planes, and cannot help but wonder where this new ground will lead me...

Open University Masters in English Part 1